Citadel Biocat+ is now operational at 25 AD plants in 10 countries - Germany, Austria, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Slovenia, Neteherlands, Czech Republic and the UK. Licensees in each country are currently sharing the benefits of the brand with operators of the plants. The benefits include increasing biogas production whilst improving stability and reducing both cycle time and odours. Increased biogas production of at least 10% has been made in each anearobic digestion plants. Additional benefits to biogas generation have been improved stability, reduced cycle time, increased loading, reduced organic content of waste.
Citadel Environmental Solutions Ltd now offer a NEW analytical service and trace element cocktail, Citadel Biotrace, providing bespoke additives to maximise biological activity in your AD plant.
The availability of trace metals plays a very significant role in the performance of agricultural biogas digesters operated with biomass.  Poor performance efficiency without any obvious reason should be related to unavailability of trace metals, which enhance metabolic process.
CES Ltd, through our joint venture partner network can arrange for the collection of your digestate sample and have it analysed in the lab to detect any deficiencies.  We will then produce a water soluble blend of trace elements to maximise productivity output.  This would be an ongoing monthly service to monitor the digestate deficiencies.