Case Studies

Citadel Biocat+ is already in use across many fields and applications all around the world, below are some case studies into real world applications, uses and results of Citadel Biocat+ products

Swiss AD odour reduction and methane increase

odour reduction and gas increase at an AD plant in Switzerland - 20/07/2015 16:16:59

Case study 9 Germanier Switzerland V.1.pdf
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Crop yield enhancement

crop yield increased with the addition on Citadel Biocat+ in the... - 13/07/2015 12:31:13

Case Study 20 Crop yield enhancement.pdf
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portugal AD plant

March 2015 - Portugal WWTP AD plant increase biogas output by 20% - 16/04/2015 16:23:53

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April 2015 - Slovenian AD plant increases output by 18% - 16/04/2015 16:14:13

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After Bioremediation

Six months treatment cut 95% of priority PAH pollutants from coke... - 26/03/2014 17:23:40

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