Agriculture and horticulture need natural solutions to meeting the ever-growing global demand for food and Biocat OSAA ‘P’ is just such a solution.

Derived from natural plant material comprising micro-organisms, micro-nutrients, co-factors and phages, Biocat OSAA ‘P’ is a versatile route to increase livestock yields through microbial bionutrition in pig farm water feed lines.

At a trial in The Czech Republic, the average daily gain (ADG) of pigs with Biocat OSAA ‘P’added to their feed water was significantly higher than the control groups. Three different dilution rates were tested and the overall improvement compared to the control varied from 9.25% to 18.1%, with an average of 12.9%.

There was a significant difference in the health status of the animals between the treated and control groups. In the treated group there were no mortalities and no veterinary treatments whereas the control group had a number of veterinary treatments and 14.3% mortalities.  

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