Cannabis and Hemp Farming

Significant results are being achieved with Biocat MORE™ at an advanced 40000 sq. ft. state of the art cannabis and hemp research and production facility in California. Results showed an increase of over 20% in yield as well as a reduction in costs due to its other unique benefits

Initial results show a significant removal of slime and biofilm in water feed lines, to the extent that the cleaning of tanks, feed lines and drippers is not required throughout a significant number of growing cycles, if ever. Additionally, in substrate, soil and soil-like bedding systems, Biocat OSAA ’C’ has shown that the incidence of fungal root attack is greatly reduced or eliminated. Additional USA case-history data will be available later in 2021. In the USA, the product is called More™ and additional information can be viewed at MORE™ USA

What are the benefits of MORE™

  • Reduction in blights and other diseases that affect plant growth
  • Increase in root development resulting in bigger yields
  • Cleans lines, reservoirs, emitters and drains
  • Reduces sludge and biofilm build up
  • Breaks down suspended solids
  • Helps reduce fungal root attack
  • Heathier plants
  • Reduces operational costs

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Cannabis Farming

Agricultural benefits of using BioCat+

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