Layers, free-range egg facilities

The introduction of Biocat OSAA ‘L’ into the water feed lines of free-range egg facilities can produce rapid increases in layer hen egg production, reduced feed consumption and can deliver noticeable improvement in layer hen welfare.

At a Suffolk 16000 bird free-range egg production facility Biocat OSAA ‘L’ was introduced for the removal of slime and biofilm in layer hen water feed lines as a replacement for chemicals traditionally used. Initial observations were that egg production started two weeks earlier than previous flocks, feed consumption was reduced by 8% and egg production increased by 4%.

Providing a future for layer hen egg production

Eliminate Hydrogen peroxide with Biocat+ OSAA

The unique properties of Biocat+ OSAA (Organic Surface Active Agents) harness a complex blend of micro-organisms that remove Bio-films from the water supply. This unrivalled Organic line cleaner replaces the need to use
Hydrogen Peroxide and produces many significant benefits to the flock including:

  • Healthier gut flora
  • Reduction in leakers (due to higher calcium levels)
  • Reduced use of antibiotics

Other enhanced Key performers as recorded over a 2 year period on 16000 bird free range flocks in Norfolk are:



Citadel Biocat+ OSAA - The Bioactive Solution

Simple and low maintenance

Citadel Biocat+ OSAA is the bioactive solution produced by the process of fermentation of natural plant material including marine organisms developed
from years of experimentation and field trials.

The compact, unique generation and dispense plant is simple and low maintenance.

New to the UK, Citadel Biocat+ comprises micro-organisms including naturally occurring bacteria, Crenarchaeota and Euryarchaeota from both land and marine sources. Tried and tested across the world, the experience is that every application is tailor-made to a great extent. Combining unique organisms with Biocat+ allows the development of bespoke ‘microbial cocktails’ for custom performance. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Citadel Biocat+ OSAA - The Facts

Biocat+ has been used successfully in commercial egg production including at an egg production unit in Suffolk, UK.Hen layer production disinfection solutions

Data collected from 18 production cycles in 154 production halls servicing 15 clients show the following results:

  • 3.18% increase in eggs per hen housed
  • 6% reduction in feed consumption per egg produced
  • 14% reduction in mortality
  • 35% reduction in non-standard eggs (pullet eggs, cracks and leakers)
  • 30-60% reduction in antibiotic treatment
Results at a UK egg producing unit:
  • 8% reduction in feed costs. Noticeable increase in egg size and quantity of brown eggs produced
  • 4% increase in total eggs produced
  • 35% decrease in seconds
  • 95% reduction in antibiotic treatment

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