Biocat OSAA ‘H’ is a unique bio stimulant technology which promotes the natural biological control and enhancement mechanisms inherent in all microbial biosystems. OSAA ‘H’ has increased the yields by over 20% in all our current applications.

Agriculture depends on plant/microbe interaction and ensuring that the microbial biosystem is healthy and diverse results in better performance, higher yields and more nutritious products. A healthy microbial biosystem helps the plants to resist disease and reduce the dependence on pesticides. The addition of Biocat OSAA 'H'  to the rhizosphere and foliage of a number of crop types is demonstrating marked beneficial effects.

These beneficial effects include:

Root development, plant growth stimulation, yield increase, increase in Lycopene, beta-carotene and ascorbic acids, disease resistance, as well as working as an organic line cleaner.

These factors lead to the most important benefit – increased profitability. We have discovered and developed methodology to collect, culture, preserve and subsequently propagate a diverse biosystem of bio stimulants that interact with a massive number of bacterial, archaeal, fungal and viral species.


The consequences are increased production, higher quality produce and reduced chemical consumption. The quality and shelf life of many products are improved as is their nutrient and vitamin content.

The rhizosphere of healthy plants in healthy soils contain a great diversity of microbes working together to optimise the plant microbe interactions.

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Biocat OSAA H

Agricultural benefits of using BioCat+

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