The addition of Biocat OSAA ‘H’ to the rhizo-sphere and foliage of a number of crop types is demonstrating marked beneficial effects by enhancement of the root and soil interface.


These include increased plant and root growth, yield increase and disease resistance. The consequences are increased production, higher quality produce and reduced chemical consumption. These factors lead to the most important benefit – increased profitability.

Augmentation of irrigation and fertigation water with Biocat OSAA ‘H’ gave an increase in yield per tomato plant across the whole tunnel of 16.7%. Shelf life of fruit from treated plants was double that of control plants.


An intensive test of tunnel tomatoes gave further evidence to scientists who have identified the beneficial effects of key micro-organisms in the rhizospheres of plants.

Environmental Services harnesses the extraordinary properties of Archaea micro-organisms in agriculture, augmentation of irrigation, fertigation and feed water to deliver significant increases in plant and livestock yields.

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