Effluent discharge treatment

Citadel Environmental Solutions Ltd. has the natural solution to the bioremediation of complex hydrocarbons. For example, reductions of COD and TSS values in effluent, organic water treatment and the bioremediation of surface spills, of weathered oil and of deep impacted spills.

BioCat OSAA W is a bioactive solution produced by the fermentation of pre-processed natural plant material by a unique process developed from years of research, experimentation and field trials.

The product enhances the performance of indigenous micro-organisms, elevating their metabolism due to the fermentation products, micro-nutrients and co-factors.

Phages may explain some anti-biotic properties observed and may be co-responsible for observed reductions in sludge accumulation in waste water treatment plants.

The main application for Biocat OSSA W is dosing into food production pipe networks to reduce fat lining and COD loading, reducing trade effluent charges.

In pipe network systems BioCat OSSA W enhances the micro-organisms contained in the biofilm lining the pipe network akin to a trickling filter, whereby effluent flow is in continuous contact with BioCat OSSA W containing biofilms allowing maximum results with minimum contact time. Where possible greater impacts may be anticipated where the addition of additional surface area of plastic media is practicable.

In some cases the estimated hydraulic residence time within the pipe and DAF system is as low as 70 minutes however, the residence time within the biofilm for absorbed contaminants is much higher. Measured COD reduction by up to 25% has been measure in a simple piping system.

In trickling filter systems BioCat OSSA W can reduce biological sludge production by up to 90%. In activated sludge systems sludge reduction of 40% has been recorded and also reduced aeration and energy savings of up to 40%.

The implications are that smaller plants with installed aeration capacity are required to treat an effluent flow. For new applications this means a lower cost plant, for existing applications there is the potential to reduce costs for aeration, or to feed more load into the plant without having to add it.

There are no toxic or pathogenic constituents contained in the BioCat OSSA W substrate.


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